Malawi Dissemination Workshop

Malawi Dissemination Workshop, Lilongwe, Malawi, 26 August 2016 malawi-workshop

Dissemination Workshop was held on Friday, 26th August 2016 in Hotel Crossroads in Lilongwe, Malawi. Altogether, 37 participants were participated in the programme representing wide ranges of organizations. These include government organizations, universities, donors, development agencies policy makers to key implementers in maternal, neonatal and child health sectors of Malawi, such as Reproductive Health Unit, Ministry of Health, Department for International Development [DfID], Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit [GIZ], Kamazu College of Nursing [KCN], Clinton Health Access Initiative  [CHAI] and number of professionals and practitioners working with health sector of Malawi.  The Guest of Honor was Dr. Ronald Mangani, Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, and Government of Malawi who gave a very moving talk on foreign aid in Malawi and the major challenges related to donor coordination. Prof. Address Malata and Prof Pam smith gave a brief introduction to the research project and research team and the nature of collaboration and partnership between the KCN and University of Edinburgh. The findings of the study were presented by Dr Jeevan Sharma and Dr Radha Adhikari. The presentations were followed by open discussion, which not just provided a great platform for questions, comments and feedback from the floor but also gave an opportunity for the research team to engage and interact with the audience on emerging issues. Aid dependency and donor coordination were some of the key issues raised and discussed during the workshop.

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